Welcome to the Getting UnBusy Blog

First of all – introductions…

My name is Catherine and I’m a forty-something mother of two nut-job children who I love like crazy, wife to a hard-working and handsome technology genius, and a veteran of the corporate workplace.

As a professional woman with a twenty-year career under my belt and two kids, I somehow didn’t feel I had it all – quite the opposite.  Scared of another ten years passing me by feeling worn out, stressed out and missing out on the best years of my kids’ lives, I made the big decision to resign from my job to focus on my family.  

You know what though?  Although I gained some breathing room and eliminated some big stressors (and a paycheck), I found I am STILL BUSY.  The days continue to fly by while my house remains a disaster-zone and I still have the sense that I’m not quite on top of it all. 

In this blog, I will be sharing my experiences and lessons as I go through the process of becoming UnBusy:  the products and systems that help me be more efficient at the things I have to do, and the guidance and advice that help me find the mindset to be present and enjoy the best that life has to offer.  I’ll be dabbling with the idea of ‘minimalism’ in a way that works for my family, exploring meditation and calming practices, and also looking into healthy eating and lifestyles.  I’ll also delve into what I feel I’ve gained and what I’ve sacrificed in making this move out of the professional workplace, and I’ll be speaking to others that have made big changes in their life and careers to learn what their experiences has been like.

Who are you?

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a working professional or a combination of the two, I hope you’ll find something useful in the blog to help you get more out of life.

If you feel like you sometimes get caught up in just surviving the daily routine, too busy or tired out to enjoy the things you love, then I hope together we’ll find some solutions to that challenge.


What does UnBusy Mean?

Becoming UnBusy doesn’t mean doing less or being lazier – it is the art of being productive and engaged in what you do rather than succumbing to the daily grind and wishing your days away.  Goodness knows each day is precious, I want to be grateful for every single one of them.