Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Part II: The Experience Version

When I wrote my first Mother’s Day Gift Ideas post last week, I didn’t realize that it was Part I, and that I’d need a Part II.

You see, I’d forgotten that I am trying to live more minimally.  As I continue on with the decluttering process and take a weekly car-load of ‘things’ to give away or sell, I have to keep in mind that the only way to make progress is if we don’t bring more things into the home at the same time.

I was listening to The Minimalist Podcast this week, and their theme tune is perfect for this mindset:

”Every little thing, you think that you need
Every little thing, you think that you need
Every little thing that’s just feeding your greed
Oh, I bet that you’d be fine without it”

Don’t get me wrong – I love both giving and receiving gifts, but I wanted to put together an alternative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas list for all my readers who really are striving to be happier with less, and Get UnBusy.

So here it goes – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Part II: The Experience Version.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Part II: The Experience Version


I can count on one hand the number of mornings when I’ve experienced the rare gift of waking up naturally since I had kids.  And when I do, BOY do I feel like I can take on the world!  Many mothers don’t get enough sleep, so treat her to this precious, precious gift.  I GUARANTEE she’ll love it.

Here are some ways to help Mom get some extra Zs in for Mother’s Day:

  1. Get up early on Mother’s Day so that you’re ready to intercept the usual interruptions to sleep (children and pets usually!)  Don’t go near that bedroom until she emerges with pillow creases on her cheeks and that delirious confusion from having slept late.
  2. Pay attention to all the little jobs she does in the evening.  Take responsibility for those so she can start unwinding and get to bed earlier than usual.
  3. If you have little ones who still wake up in the night, take the baby monitor and prepare to be on duty (have bottles on hand if needed.)  If your baby is still breastfeeding, then even bringing baby to Mom and back to the crib when feeding is over is a wonderful help.  Mom doesn’t have to get out of bed and it’s easier for her to go back to sleep afterward.

Breakfast In Bed

Firstly, refer back to point no. 1 above.  Once you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that she’s awake, then breakfast in bed is a real treat to start the day off right.  Kids can help with this one to make it extra sweet.

It really doesn’t need be anything fancy – a breakfast made with love will mean the world to her.

Look at this!  Bacon and carbs – what more could she want?

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Breakfast In Bed

If she’d prefer something healthier, then how about a fruit parfait?  It sounds fancy, but it’s super easy – just layer yogurt, granola, and fruit, to create a light breakfast that looks as good as it tastes.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Breakfast In Bed


Click here for a round-up of other easy breakfast in bed ideas that the kids can help with.

Spa Treatment Gift Voucher (And Make Sure She Goes)

There has been more than one occasion when I’ve been gifted a voucher for a massage or pedicure, but have not been able to make the time to redeem the gift.  You know – I’ve always been too busy.

So although gift vouchers to a spa or salon are an amazing gift to receive, sometimes that alone is not quite enough.

Busy moms are notoriously bad at making time for themselves.  So if you want to take it to the next level, make sure her calendar is clear, book the appointment and MAKE HER LEAVE THE HOUSE.

Be warned: she may rebuttal with excuses of “I can’t, I’m too busy” – but that’s the point.  Tell her you’ll have dinner handled for that day, that she has nothing to worry about, and to take her time.

If she doesn’t get much time to socialize usually, coordinate with one of her friends and make a double-booking so they can have a side-by-side treatment for even more fun: bonus points for effort!

Grocery Shop & Meal Plan

Every household is different and I wouldn’t assume that doing the grocery shopping and cooking meals always falls to the mom in the house.  But if that is the case in your home, do her a favor and give her a couple of days (or even the whole week) off.

Most of the time it’s not the actual cooking that takes a lot of effort: it’s the decision-making, list-writing, and grocery shopping that takes the effort.

If you don’t have a clue where to start, then don’t panic!  There’s already someone that’s done it for you. has put together 38 weekly meal plans with grocery lists that are free for you to download and use!  How brilliant is that!?

If that’s not your bag, then don’t give up yet.  In this post about Meal Planning, I wrote about some different services such as Hello Fresh that can take the hassle out of the grocery shopping and meal ideas: you could treat her to a one month subscription for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Coupons

Coupons can be a really fun yet personal gift to give mom (and they really can be the gift that can keeps on giving.)  These are tokens that can be redeemed for any kind of service – from a hug, to a foot rub, to doing the laundry.

If you’re short on time or crafting skills, then you can order these inexpensive coupons from Amazon for less than $10.  Inside are some thoughtful quotes to show Mom some appreciation and the coupons can be traded in for breakfast, cleaning the car, dinner out etc.

Coupons are also easy enough for you to make along with the kids.  If you need artistic help, there are also TONS of free printables on in the internet.  You can find a round-up of printable coupons right here.

Family Time Outside

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Outdoor Time

With Mother’s Day being in May, it’s a beautiful time of year to be outside and appreciate all that spring has to offer.  Plan a walk/a hike/a bike ride outdoors for the whole family, and it will leave everyone feeling good!  If that sounds too strenuous, then take a drive to an ice-cream parlor and enjoy a treat together outside.

Donate To A Meaningful Charity

This idea came from a friend who epitomizes the busy mom I’m thinking of as I write this.  I love that she thought of giving to others on a day that celebrates mothers.  If she has a cause that is near and dear to her heart, then donating to her favorite charity is a beautiful way of keeping the love flowing around the universe.

Write A Love & Appreciation List

Finally, what better way to let her know she is cared for than by listing out all the ways in which she is loved and appreciated.  In the busyness of everyday life, we can sometimes forget to say thank you for all the little things we do for each other as a family.  Take this opportunity to let her know that all the things she does are recognized and appreciated.  I know this goes for Dads too – but you’ll get your day later in the year!

For younger kids, here is a really cute questionnaire from Lil Luna they can fill out for Mom or Grandma, and I can guarantee she’ll love reading the answers!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Questionairre