My No. 1 Tool To Get Rid Of Annoying Chin Hairs Quickly & Easily

There’s a few things they didn’t tell me about when I was a young girl growing up in the Southeast of England. How much interest you have to pay on a mortgage for example. Or that you might poop the bed during childbirth. Or that there’s a good chance you’ll start sprouting hairs from your face any time from your twenties and on.

While I can’t help you with your mortgage or childbirth, I can help you on the chin hair situation. I’m going to introduce you to my no. 1 favorite time-saving facial hair remover.

This post is dedicated to all those unwanted face hairs: the black wiry ones on chins, the peach fuzzy ones, and those super-fine long hairs that have no business hanging around on our faces. 

Speaking of – in my twenties I began to wonder that I had a vision problem. Every now and again my eyesight would become blurry, and I just couldn’t figure out why the sensation would come and go.  

Until, one bright summer’s day, I happened to be looking in a mirror and it was there that I saw it. The finest, blondest, longest hair sprouting from the middle of my cheek and wafting brazenly in front of my eyeballs.  

I swear this thing was over 6 inches long.

I stared at it in horror, then swiftly plucked it out.  It grew back a couple more times in the exact same spot, and then was gone forever.


Then at some point in my thirties, chin hairs began to sprout. You don’t see them at first, but one day you’ll feel the prickle of one rogue hair. When you look in the mirror there it is – black, wiry and obnoxious.


Why Do Women Get Facial Hair?

Women may experience different kinds of facial hair growth for different reasons. Genetics play a part – if your mother was prone to facial hair, then you might be blessed with the same.

Similarly, those from certain ethnic backgrounds may generally have more facial hair. Finally hormonal changes that take place at different times in our life may cause our sprouting friends to appear.

It’s important to know that there are also some medical reasons for excessive facial hair growth: hormonal disorders, poly-cystic ovary syndrome and side-effects from medications are some examples.

If you’re experiencing sudden or significant facial hair growth that seems out of norm, then it might be worth a visit to your doctor to check for an underlying cause.

If though, like me, you’re simply getting older and have a few sprouty, spiky hairs, then read on. I need to introduce you to one of my favorite time-saving gadgets.

If you have annoying hairs on your chin, then you need to read about my favorite facial hair remover. It's quick and easy and can be done at home!The Tweezerman Facial Hair Remover

I nearly didn’t post about this hair remover, until a friend of mine was staying with us and tried it out. She was AMAZED by how nifty this thing is, and that’s when I knew it was my duty to spread the word.

Of all things, I saw this gadget in my Facebook feed – one of those sponsored posts where you get insulted that the algorithm has chosen to present this ad to you. Okay yes I AM in my forties AND dealing with annoying facial hairs, but do you need to rub my nose in it? Dammit Facebook, you know me so well.

It’s called The Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover.

This gadget consists of a metal coil with a handle at each end. If you don’t read the instructions or look closely enough (like I did), you won’t notice that each handle has an arrow on it.  It turns out these arrows are important. They indicate which way to turn the handles which rotate the coils the right way to grab those hairs on your chinny-chin-chin.

You simply hold the metal coil against the area of your face that you want to tackle, and slowly move the tool over your skin while rotating the handles in the correct direction.

Here’s a good video of someone trying it for the first time to give you a better sense of it.

At first you might feel like nothing is happening, but you need to find just the right angle against your face. Once you find it you’ll know it, because you’ll feel it!

I will be honest and say it’s not painless, but I’d say it’s the most bearable of all the methods I’ve tried. That includes wax strips (hurts like heck and makes me break out) and threading (hurts like heck, makes me break out, and also makes my eyes water.) Tweezing the odd hair here and there is ok, but if you have more than a couple that you want to take down, then this tool is the way to go.

This little doo-dad is so convenient – no need to book an appointment, no worries about running out of wax strips half-way across your chin. If you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m all about time-saving wherever I can. When you notice you have one or many extra hairs appearing on your face, grab your Tweezerman and do a quick drive-by before bed.

It’s great for getting both the odd wiry black offenders, as well as the finer peach-fuzz hairs that would be a challenge to get rid of at home.

So yes, I wrote a blog post about chin hairs, and I’m proud of it.  Save yourself some time and buy one of these now – you’ll love it!

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You’re a life-saver. Ordered mine as soon as i saw your post and it arrived today. Needless to say that i tried it out immediately. No more ‘goaty’ feeling at last!!!

Thanks so much for talking about this! I’m 27 and going through this very problem. My eyesight isn’t the best, so traditional tweezers take forever and a day to use on just one wiry, black hair ( let alone peach fuzz). I’m ordering this ASAP!

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